Monday, November 9, 2009

Scratch That

EDITED: Nuts. For those who saw the original title, I'm a month and 1 day late. I'm a maroon. For some reason December-1 = 9 in my noggin, rather than 11. Either way 9NOV9 entertained me. But damn, I can't even count anymore. Basic math? Fuggedaboudit. Ahrenius equations, those I can do.

So sue me, I'm backdating this because I had a ton of running around to do yesterday. It was The Day of Bureaucracy here. I spent most of monday waiting for people to sign off on a document they'd approved last friday. I spent an hour and twenty minutes in line to turn in my traffic school paperwork. (Twenty minutes would have been reasonable, forty acceptable due to the lunch hour, but to have hundreds of people in line for an hour over that is not helping make the economy more productive. You've got 11 windows; open more than 4!) Then I printed out some documentation I need to revise and... bureaucracy.

Tuesday I'm flying to San Jose for a training class on wednesday. I'll be back in about 30 hours; such are the joys of business travel. The car will be getting a new clutch while I'm gone. The labor is covered under the warranty as is the cheapest clutch part (throwout bearing) so I just have to pay for the consumables and I won't have to worry about my clutch for a while. Then, the warranty is done with. I'm at 50K miles on my "new" car! So far so good. I still love it. I hope they can get it back together...

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