Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're Weeners

A colleague asked me to join his trivia team at a local bar a couple weeks ago. We did ok with some really hard questions and came in second place. This week, we won first place! Whoo hoo! An extra $5 for next week's beer!

I got an invite to go sailing this weekend. I think if I can keep the panic at bay, now that I'm more certain of the sailboat's maneuverability this should be easier, then I might even stay awake for saturday night, unlike my experience last time when I came in and crashed.

A long time friend of mine called and she's "in town" meaning she's about 90 miles away at her parents' house, which is closer to me than her place in the midwest. The kicker? Her parents have cats. My breathing is finally starting to approach normalish and I might be set up with more cats. Ah well. Hopefully she'll be able to join me on a work trip to the islands instead.

Whole foods sells something called a "plumcot" or black velvet apricot. I picked some up thinking they felt odd for plums. Tasty.

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Junior and Orion said...

Concatulations on being weeners!!!!!!

Meowm says the plumcot sounds interesting.