Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fish or Cut Bait

The karate crack dealers have let me know that my cheapo month is up and to keep going costs a mere 10X as much. They run "specials" that run only for limited times so I have something like 3 days to cough up some dough.

Here's the thing. It's not that I'm a gung ho pro karate, OMG this will save me someday kind of gal. But I am someone who prefers to work out with other people and do guided exercises that I don't have to think up. So much the better if they get changed up every so often. I'm not getting that at the gym I haven't been going to. They do have some classes, but they only have one or two that I like and they aren't at times that I find either convenient or easy to get to. With the karate, they call to make sure I'm going to my weekly private lesson. There are 3 weeknight classes and for the most part I've made all 3 for a month. The time works for me. The location works for me. They mix up the lessons so different lessons focus on different aspects of blocking, punching, kicking, sparring, or grappling. (It is all some kind of fighting though, which I somehow still find weird.)

The studio is near a gold's gym, but dude, Duane "The Rock" has been known to work out there, as does my boss's boss. I'm not sure I want my potbelly on display there until I get it a bit more under control. I've not done a good job running my fitness by myself. I tried to work out with cabinet boy, but he started working out at 5am before work after I got him rev'd up about exercising. I don't really have a work out partner or a hiking partner or anything. It would help to have one. It could be that I need to pay a sensei to call me for now.

One reason for moving cross country was to add some variety to my life. I wasn't really seeking karate as such, but it might be a pretty good choice for right now. If I'm willing to spend about $200 a month, and kinda commit for 6 months. Which due to the stock price being up and me having some options to sell, I can pay for although I was rather planning to spend the money on some professional organizers to help dig me out of my place and set up some systems so I don't keep getting overrun with stuff. I'm not sure I can do both, but sitting on the couch watching cable isn't getting me fit or organized. If it were only $50 and I could sign up for, say, 3 or 4 months, I would just say yes.

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