Saturday, July 18, 2009


Due to the boy having phone issues and me needing more attention than I get from him, I'm trying the thing this weekend while it's free. I'm updating it on saturday night during prime date hours because I'm going to bed in a moment - had 4 hours of sleep last night after doing the kamikaze clean on the condo and waking up at 6am (6 AM!!!!) to go to Santa Cruz island. (It nearly killed me. I didn't realize how many piles of papers had accumulated for so long, and 6AM!!!!.) Anyhow, I only have 3 days to get this in so I hope someone replies in a way I can get to them before I have to pay.

But already, it's better than match. They have better categories for drinking/smoking and religion, and they do the sort for you instead of having you troll through thousands of things using your own dumb filters. They should have something about cat allergy but I digress. Anyway, I've responded postitively to 8 of the 10 potentials, and one is highly iffy, due to his having a cat and that being problematic for my breathing, but he also had the most fun intro and he scuba dives which washes away cat dander.

The thing that's killing me though? 20% of the guys have the same name as my brother.

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