Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not a Six Inch Valley

I live a couple valleys over from the giant HILLS ON FIRE!
(not my photo, this comes from the newswires...)
SoCal hills on fire in the news

While my town didn't look like this, in fact today the sky looked pretty clear where I am, yesterday when the winds were blowing, it was very smoky. And really, I could live where there are tornadoes or hurricanes or nor'easters or blizzards or electrical storms, so its a matter of choosing your preferred disaster. I'm not sure I like fire more than snow, but so far so good. So really, I'm not in a bad way, knock on wood.

Pictures were taken at lunch and while (ahem) driving home. All the good angles were on the road which is why you'll see a lot of buildings from parking lots I pulled into - it was the best I could get without holding up traffic.

I was coming back from lunch when I noticed the alarming color of the eastern sky. The line between smoke and clear blue sky was really crisp.
smoke blowing into the valley

For contrast, the clear blue sky.

clear blue sky over southern CA

With the trailing edges of the smoke blowing in. It looks like clouds.

smoke blowing into the valley

But is not clouds. Is smoke.

Orange smoke over Amgen

Later, it had settled down. I had a really great view that didn't work for the camera so you get the snap with the moon and electrical wires instead of the wireless moon hiding behind the tree.

smoke settling over valley beneath full moon

Then as I was driving home, I couldn't resist trying to capture this. I think I need a different camera to get decent landscape shots, honestly. But it probably wouldn't be tiny like my Elph so I wouldn't have it with me anyway. I think the smoke up to the moon then clear sky overhead looked really funky. It was like the moon was mimicking a sunrise.

smoke on the commute home with full moon and mountains

But people who were driving over toward the fire had a hell of a commute left. The electronic freeway information signs that normally say 20 and 30 minutes to the reference intersections said 60 and 80 minutes. Longest times I've ever seen posted. Probably due to everyone taking the 101 instead of 118 which was closed due to smoke about 24 hours after I last drove that way. Yes I had been playing with fire, but I turned off the glory hole, I swear!

Maybe books are not the best investment in this climate. Maybe I should hop on that Kindle bandwagon...

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