Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grins From My GrandFather

As someone who inherited my dad's chin and jaw, it kind of fascinates me to see the familiar chin and jaw in this photo from the Chicago Tribune. He may have gotten dreams from his father, but that chin came from Kansas. I will assume the grins come from love.

baracks grandfather and barack at the beach

Other good things today:
  • We had a health checkup "fair" at work today. We got 5 minute massages. My sight with my new glasses is good, even at the end of the day. My total cholesterol 5 hours after eating salad and cream of mushroom soup was 180. My blood pressure is 110/70. However I am fat. And according to my temperature dot on my hand gauging my stress level, "extremely tense" alternating with "unsettled". I still need to see someone about that possible cortisol thing. But on the whole, yep, I'm fat but healthy according to the major indicators. More genetics at work.

  • Made actual progress on my tool today. It is a pesky temperamental diva. But we are making progress.

  • I remembered to charge my phone. Which allowed me to take an impromptu call from my friend in South Carolina. (She is looking for technical contract jobs large and small. Let me know if you have work to contract out to someone sharp, dogged and technically savvy.)

  • The red hair dye, I like it. It becomes this sorta purplish color. Looks like brown indoors and shiny red out in the sun.

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Janet Webb said...

I LOVE that photo -- who on EARTH can't understand Barack Obama flying back to see his gramma ... thanks Erika :) their grins at identical.