Monday, September 15, 2008

About Halfway

Here's today's progress. Have to figure out level on my little base cabinet and stuff the drawers in, but aside from that and putting up the pulls, I'm done with the current batch - and got most stuff crammed back in. "That's not a cabinet, that's a garage!" the boy said of the over-fridge monster.

While wiping down the walls, I realized that there were patches of the wall that had never had paint on them and were absorbent. I thought that might be bad, so I got out some random paint I have no plans for and now there are yellow patches on the wall. They will not stay there, but they make the pictures look unfinished. He was very patient while I put up all that yellow paint. Only rolled his eyes once or twice.

And here it is all put together! Well, minus 4 drawers, but it's done enough there are no mission critical parts left before reloading.

kitchen cabinets with doors

So I reloaded. And it gets better - after working all day to finish up most of the cabinets we could install, the boy (Justin) helped me clean up! OMG! Unprecedented. Here's the cleaned up, restocked version.

kitchen cabinets with stuff inside

So a bit more work with the drawer stack (turns out I have a piece of marble slab just the right size to serve as a temporary countertop), and putting on my hardware, some paint and a bit of fiddling with the range hood and I'll be all set to start the last half!

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azteclady said...

Green with kitchen envy over here--and I don't even like to cook! ;-)