Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Good

Following the example of "Someone in a Tree", I popped my blog into Wordle and got a pop art version of the blog. All I can think of to describe it is: "same song, second verse, sideways accent, whole lot worse!"

Well, I can read the big font words too:
See! Just really little...
Get Good like can one got.

And here I thought "and" and "but" would top the list. Maybe they take out "of, to, the, and" and the like. Yes. it turns out they do take out common words. If you undo that decision it becomes really boring. But I played around with some other options and got this, which I like a little better with the colors and horozontility of it.

As long as I'm on the topic of wordplay, we had an amusing discussion at lunch. We eat at SouPlantation on tuesdays. I really like their cream of mushroom and was talking it up to the guy who tried the thai meatball soup and found it lacking. So he went off to try my favorite and another colleague asked if he was going to get "Cream of Mischief" soup.

Then we had a discussion of alternate energy and preparing for a funeral and various body disposal methods. It devolved into suggesting that the slogan for "Soylent Fuel" would be, "I run on dead people."

To summarize the good things, or rather, I just got good somethings:
  • Wordplay is fun
  • I've been sleeping well this week - getting sleepy at 11 and going to bed by 12
  • The masseuse at the chiropractor is excellent

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