Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going Down to Liverpool to do Nothing

Free Food Friday went off pretty well except I learned that I can't eat pizza with onions even if I pick them off. Onions are out, unless cooked to the point of carmelization. Three cape codders at our after work celebration worked wonders on the digestive upset. I took a quick nap then headed off with the date to see The Bangles play a benefit concert. I mentioned that we got lawn seats and he showed with chairs, blankets, and wine. Not bad. We had to drink the wine in the car then head in due to it being a high school benefit. These ladies put on a great show. (One of them has a kid at the HS.) They remain Professional Rock Stars and did something of a greatest hits show for a multi-generational audience. Everyone seemed to love it. Probably the most laid back, yet high energy, rock show I've ever been to.

Lightweight weekend this time, no visitors, didn't need to clean much. Had to work for a couple hours but then nada. So I read a book (Voodoo River), started reading another book but got fed up with the hero being stupid. I went for a run. I took pictures of ornaments I need to sell. I surfed the web.

After work saturday, I had been driving around talking to friends, and needed to move. I parked at a beach and started walking down the bike path. But I hate walking by myself, it's boring and too slow. So I loped into a run for a while and walked some more until I could run again. I did this a few times, and walked back along the surf, which was treacherous enough footing to make it an interesting walk. I stood on a pile of rocks that jets into the ocean - they have these built at intervals along the coast - and stood still for a while. Then I needed more running so I did that. I skipped a little too. I might have looked like a maniac, but it felt good.

Today was very different. I slept a lot. Aside from a handful of strawberries and some hand squeezed orange juice, I didn't really eat anything until dinner. It's a little strange. Aside from the sleeping and reading, I've been surfing the web. Through a friend's blog I found this post which, considering I had just been reading about the ineffectiveness of anti-drug education made me LOL.
To summarize, if you're like me and don't always click links: God says, "Don't swallow poison". Blogger says, "Is it ok if I just swish it around in my mouth a little bit?" And while trying to come up with a title, some old titles popped up like "A Mounds is NOT a Sprinkle". How can that not make me smile?

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