Saturday, May 24, 2008

Free Mexican Air Force

Along with dealing with docs, I had busy evenings this week too.

Wednesday, the date got free tickets for a Dodgers baseball game. They were really good tickets. We went with 2 of his friends who wound up being pretty fun. And the game itself was more fun than I remember games being - usually I like baseball best on radio because they fill the downtime with stats and other patter. But this game moved quickly, the screen showed everything that we needed to know, the screen on the other side had ads and whatnot, we had seats right behind home plate, and the Dodgers beat Cincinnati 5 to 2.

Dodgers stadium view from behind home plate
The outrageous prices of concessions were the only negative. $10/beer, yikes! $62 spent on snacks for 4. Granted, the price per ounce of the bud light was actually lower than at the strawberry festival and I didn't pay so I am annoyed only in sympathy.

The other funky thing was the weather. The air was swirling through the stadium with near gale force. Every so often, it would pick up a plastic bag and toss it through the infield, but for the most part it swirled around. See how the flags are standing almost straight out? The air was going the opposite direction at our seat (clockwise). At one point, the people in the high/balcony seats above us all let loose their lightweight trash at once and it all swirled around like confetti making quite the show before it finally settled.

Thursday, the date bought us tickets to a show in Santa Barbara after hearing some of the tunes on a sunday AM alternative show. It was about the same distance but the opposite direction on the 101 from the ball game. And about 30 years away in mindset. The concert was a collection of aging hippies singing tunes about the state of the world and various other things. The first guy, David Linley, was my favorite and the date bought a CD, so I might hear him again. Best described as grizzled ol' coot with a yen for stringed instruments, he could really fill the Lobero theater with enveloping sound.

The headliner I didn't like as well, but it was a new experience. We were probably the youngest people in there. There were a few folk in their 40s but the rest was all pretty well in their 60s. A few went out and got baked at intermission, and I'm sure it improved their enjoyment of the show. The story he told about the Free Mexican Air Force song involved an old airplane being pushed off a cliff and the other guy taking a toke and saying, "Dude, YOU drive." as part of a hippie spiritual quest for meaning. Entertaining. Different.


Not as entertaining, I also found out that the sample I dropped off with the doc last week came back *still* positive for a bladder infection, and is probably why I've been feeling so bad. For nearly a MONTH. The burning sensation has kept me from sleeping. I'm now on antibiotic round #3 and they think this will work. We'll see. The thing that confuses me though is how I got it. I view hygiene as very important. I haven't really done anything different, or more to the point, worse, since moving here. I got my first infection ever a few months ago and this is number two. I'm not doing anything new that would cause it. So what's up?

My current theory is automatic flush toilets. They're a plague and they're everywhere, including at work. They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't flush early and often and generally, despite hundreds of years of toilet technology at our disposal, kick up water while flushing. You can't get an STD from the seat (except crabs, says the book I read today at B&N), but I'm pretty sure you can get E.Coli from the water in the bowl being splashed on your undersides. From now on, whenever possible, I'm going to use the toilet at work that doesn't flush early.

Each toilet stall in my building has some issue, all different.
#1 is good but flushes any time I shift my posture to so things like lean my elbows on my knees, grab TP, etc...
#2 doesn't flush early but also doesn't fully so one has to push the button 3X to make it work and hope for the best
#3 has a huge gap between the door and support so people can see in
#4 is least likely to flush early, but the latch sticks and sometimes doesn't catch when one is in a hurry...
#5 (yes! 5 stalls for women!!) is the handicapped one and the purse hook is very far away from the seat so if you bring supplies... plus the seat is higher and I prefer a lower seat. Now you know.

While I'm still on hygiene and personal grooming, I found these two products at the store today.
womens and mens razors, same product, different packaging

These products are the same but for the color of the outer casing and the marketing on the package. The women's is white with a clear cap, then men's trimmer is black and grey. The women's talks about being "pain free hair removal" and shows a pretty woman. The men's talks about "50% more power!" and shows a cutaway drawing of the electromechanical innards. To the best of my knowledge, these innards are exactly the same in both products. Fortunately, unlike getting haircuts by a professional, the prices were the same for both the men and women.

I was at the store to buy sheets though. I had some notion of using my recent bonus money (that I didn't spend on rubber band guns) on high thread count sheets. Unfortunately for me, all the high thread count sheets are made in really boring non-colors. All of which don't go with either bed set I have. I finally stooped to a 250 thread count something or other in dark purple and some 300 sateens in just the wrong shade of dark pink.

Have a happy long weekend, if you have a long weekend. I'm going to go do more Penrose Slitherlink Puzzles now. And get some hot dogs for monday.


Up My Mind said...

My Mom used to get bladder infections pretty frequently. Her solution was Prune Juice.

To paraphrase Wharf from Star Trek:TNG - it's the drink of warriors.

Have you cut down on your water intake? Maybe with the warmer weather you need more water.

Hugs to you, hope you feel better soon!

MarciaBC said...

Has anyone mentioned Uristat or Aso-gesic to you? They make the urine a nice bright orange, but the burning is gone, baby, gone. You can get it over the counter just about anywhere. Good luck.