Friday, February 22, 2008

We Wish You a Merry

I've been all riled up recently about how objecting to intolerance is not intolerance but I'm still trying to figure out how to word it most clearly. In that effort, I wrote something that could be submitted for a masters thesis in some schools to an unassuming person who asked me for my thoughts when I objected to a generic forwarded email that said we should bring back "in God we Trust" on government sponsored documents and anyone who doesn't like it should "sit down and shut up for a change". And why government employees wishing me a "Merry Christmas" is not ok when they are representing their official role.

Brevity didn't have any place in my reply. But I felt really good about trying to work out why even saying "In God we Trust" is out of place in secular government money or documents, even if she got the brunt of it. Then she replied and asked for further comment. Don't poke the bear with a stick if you don't want the result... One thing I forgot and can't bring myself to inflict on her now. I remember hearing that Thomas Jefferson strenuously objected to writing into the declaration of independence anything about god, but got badgered into it and felt that sticking to his guns on the issue wasn't his top priority.

So in some ways, this was actually a good thing about my day even if it stemmed from aggravation.

Another was that I got good, quantitative data from my experiment that I can use to refine my process. Another engineer busted his butt to get me the data fast and I'm grateful and really psyched about it!

Third good thing was that today was the Engineer's week dinner. Our group got a table right in the front which was good because I could hear the speaker when he turned his head away from the microphone for half of every sentence. His topic was about the evolution of the pacemaker and other implantable medical devices. He worked on the electric retinas that I saw on Alan Alda's PBS science show. The coolest thing though is this little implantable tube called "Bion" which can assist people with limited or partial movement by boosting the stimulation of muscles. It's still in the works but there are human tests that are helping people.

Ok, I have 4 good things. The business outlook for the stuff that we make is good. If we manage not to mess it up, my mortgage is safe for a while. This is good news.


Up My Mind said...

{{{hugs}}} to you. I've gotten into those conversations before.

Almost alienated a cousin once because I got she sent me one of those forwarded emails about The Pledge & God that ended up saying leave the country...Riled me up.

Got into it once on another forwarded email, (sent by my mom, ooops) and she replied with two words "Never Again". Ackkk. At least she's still talking to me. ;)

I'd be iterested in what you had to say if you still have it. Email me! Natalia

CrankyOtter said...

Remember you asked for it...

Funnily enough I caught a 2004 Chris Rock comedy routine on cable and he riffed about our country worshiping money since it's the governmental thing we put "in God we trust" on.