Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ok, so I am a little flabbergasted that Obama didn't take CA. People apparently play their voting cards close to the chest as all the ones I got a peek at, so to speak, were for Obama. I'm thinking about blogging my reasons for O over C. Let me know in the commments if you'd rather I didn't.

To cheer myself up, here are three things that made me happy yesterday:
  • I got to vote for the best of good options, not for the least bad of appalling options.
  • Several people called me to talk, and despite my being a little strident about a particular issue here and there, no one told me to put a sock in it. (And really, I tried to listen. I swear. I really wonder sometimes why my parents didn't drown me to get me to shut up.)
  • We took an early group lunch to go to a huge soup and salad place because it's healthy, and I only overate just a little, not a lot, and most of it fibrous and all of it tasty. Plus, lunch with people. If we do our regular lunch tomorrow, it will be a chatty week.
And today:
  • It turns out our weekend night shift tech is really sharp. Of all the people I've trained on my new tool - several per shift over 4 shifts - he's one of 2 who just got it right away. I'm going to be able to use him for help with more complex experiments, I hope.
  • I figured out what was bugging me (most) about the aberrant way we do FMEAs at the new job. We rate the severity of the layer failure (which is pretty much always 8 of 10, 10 being worst) but don't take into account the fact that there can be different severities from the various causes. So one failure is not necessarily like the other. Although with FMEAs it always feels like you have to re-create them from basic principles even when you're on top of your game. And whether or not I was, I felt like I was on top of my game.
  • HR was responsive and accurate and got my direct deposit sorted out and re-instated paper receipts of my pay stubs. We have to tunnel through the interwebs to get the e- version and I'd really rather have someone send them to me for proof. Even if it is more paper, it is paper that has a defined home.
Anyone else had something good going on? Or do y'all have a case of the Februaries?


Up My Mind said...

"A case of the Februaries". lol. I like that. And yes. I have a case of it. But I'm now dosed up on Day.quil so it's all good.

Please, do blog on O vs C.

A) it's your blog
B) I love your voice and
C) it might help me choose

janet w said...

I would like to read your comments about O over C: my two children are both O supporters but I think I'm slightly more supportive of Hillary. People like Ted Kennedy, who have been supported by her for years and suddenly shift ground, well, it makes me think "Boy's Club" ... my guess is that women, especially older women, are going to be her strongest supporters.

Alaskan Hellcat said...

O versus C--- let's hear it! Janet ~ I heard an interesting piece on NPR talking about how women over 50 are really drawn to Hillary because so many of them never thought they would see a woman president in their lifetime-- and they remember the FIGHT for women's rights in the 60s that younger women don't really know about. I would definitely put my ma in that category. When Hillary won NH, my mom cried.
For me, gosh! What amazing choices. Emotionally I favor Obama, he "feels" better. But dang, on the issues that are important to me--- Hillary holds a track record that you can't deny. Especially on the environment. So, I voted on issues, instead of charisma this time- have to say I would be very, very happy with either!

Anonymous said...

oh please please blog on it, I can't get enough.

Obama~mama, Lorraine