Monday, February 25, 2008

There's Green in Them Thar Hills

It's been raining here recently. We had a major downpour last night and I even got a little lightning. It really didn't rain my first winter here. This rainy season is making up for it. But the bizarro thing is that the local landscape that usually looks like the surface of the moon is covered in all shades of green. Except where mud is sliding down the cliffs in Malibu. I keep thinking of the original immigrants - yeah, the weather is fine the rest of the year, but if they came during rainy season, the try season would be a super shock to the system. Plus, how did they get wagons over these mountains?

I saw all this today on my drive back from Santa Monica where I went to wander around with a friend from NorCal. The place looked all lush. Speaking of which, we stopped in the "Lush" store and got a nice little hand scrub, wash and lotion treatment. Then I came back and fell asleep on the couch. Two hours of walking should not warrant a 4 hour narcoleptic "nap".

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