Friday, November 2, 2007

Fleeting Thoughts

I'm headed to Phoenix to visit a book club friend. I'll have a lovely 3 day weekend, and see Phoenix when it's merely pleasantly warm, not scorching. And since ATTN just came out, we can discuss amongst the fruit pizza and margaritas.

I'm looking at the pile of clothes I've set aside - outfit for fri, 2 for sat, outfit for sunday, workout outfit, sleep outfit, spare shirt. I'll be out for 72 hours and while I tried to go lean on the packing, I somehow have 3 pairs of pants, a skirt, 2 pairs of shorts, and half a dozen shirts. Along with 5 or 6 pairs of shoes for showering, walking, dancing, exercising, whathaveyou. And this for clothes that mostly go together. Well off to see if I can cram them all in a carry on. Then I'll decide whether to take contacts or sunscreen... Can't fit all my dangerous personal hygiene products in the baggie. Yes, that was an eye roll.

Apparently my every month to every other month long weekends are making my coworkers think I'm always on vacation. I'm a little annoyed at this since I've taken maybe 8 of my 15 days off this year and several of the coworkers had 2+ week vacations or had months of maternity/paternity leave, during which my ability to take vacation days was restricted. Another coworker took every other friday off for several months and no one said boo about that. Could it be because I don't bring them trinkets? People tend to bring back trinkets like ooloos from Alaska or beaded bags or masks from Africa and I only brought a box of cape-cod saltwater taffy to share. But on a vacation that cost $50 plus plane/car expenses, I'm not going to be spending twice that just to get them stuff they don't need. Anyhow, I need to change the perception.

Well, that was cranky and not happy. Let's flip that frown upside down.
1) I get tomorrow off and get to go visit a fun friend in a city I've never been to.
2) My week of vendor visit went well and I was left fairly well alone to spend time learning what I needed to about my new tool. We both talked ourselves hoarse and I learned a lot. My confidence in my ability to use the tool effectively is much improved.
3) Vendor bought dinner for me and my equipment engineer and didn't mind me making a mess of the Thai lettuce wraps. Or snagging some of his leftover bang-bang chicken and shrimp.
4) I've decided what clothes to pack and it's not 4am.


farmwifetwo said...

PS. Ignore them.

PPS. "The grass is always greener..." or atleast from everyone else's perspective. They'll never see it from yours.

PPPS. Have a GREAT time!!!


Junior said...

Have a great time! Meowm says it is a fun uncle used to live there (well, in Scottsdale).

janet w said...

I am tremendously impressed with you Erika: packing and it's not 4 am? I haven't gone on a trip for months were I haven't been up all night the night before ........ pretty pathetic. You are an inspiration!