Wednesday, November 7, 2007

95 Degrees on the Blacktop

I went to Phoenix and it was OK. Actually, it was HOT. I had a fine time. My hosts were gracious and gave me my own bathroom. The dogs and kids were happy and well behaved, and the shelves had lots of books, games, and a leetle booze. My friend and I went out and she gave me the tour of a local constructed wetland (in Phoenix, who knew?) and the touristy old gold mine where we had a fine chat with the local brothel owner, I mean museum guide. We also got out with another book club friend for margaritas, dinner, and dancing. Good food, good friends, good times, good times. I managed to avoid singing karaoke, which is good too.

Sorry for the radio silence, but I'm trying not to log in much at work, and I've been distracted at home. I have lurked a bit, which is unusual for me because I find it hard to not say something. I am around. Other good stuff has been going on:
  • My dad got re-elected for school board. This will be years 16-19 of public servitude! Yoipes!
  • I managed to deflect my mom from talking about something that makes us both angry, and she let me. And we had a conversation without getting angry.
  • I got an audiobook copy of Suz Brockmann's All Through the Night, which I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple times I read it, and the cashier managed to give me a coupon even though I forgot mine by remembering and manually typing in the long number.
  • I'm digging my new living room arrangement. It's only partway done, but it's much more spacious, functional and restful.
  • I found somewhere to get my oil changed, and they didn't make me print out the coupon either. The car needs a wash, but needed new oil more.
  • I've been eating a pomegranate a day since I picked up a bunch of them on my trip.
  • My former colleague who moved to Phoenix has a new baby girl, and aside from feeling like a cow, is doing well and they are all healthy.
  • I got mostly done with a glass commission. I had to develop a new process to make it work, so the yield wasn't high, but I'm satisfied with the work and figuring out the solution to a problem.
  • I presented data to turn on my new tool at work and it got approved. Go me.
  • The space shuttle landed safely after an interesting mission. Both the space shuttle and international space station commanders were/are women for this trip - and look! The sky didn't fall! Nor did the shuttle or station. The shuttle commander, AF Colonel Pamela Melroy, turns out to be the college buddy of a Boston friend whose boss let her watch the landing on TV at work.
With the success of the Guitar Hero games, I've been considering e.B.ay-ing my T shirt from the 1st GH release party. But if it's not going to go for a ton of money ($50+), I'm thinking I'd just rather keep it because I can spend $35 on things I forget about. What do you think my chances are?

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