Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Work surprised me this week - I have a new boss! I had liked working for my old one, but I think a change will be healthy. As long as I remember to get my B12 shots and stay healthy myself, this year could go well. Last year, I did as well as I could, but to quote a "fortune" from Jenny Crusie, "He loves you all he can, but he cannot love you very much". My year last year was kinda like that too. My review is tomorrow. I'm hoping for a fair to midlin' result, but since we're doing it last thing on friday, I worry that it's some bad news. We'll see if I get stock options this year - that's where you know something's gone off the rails. (Please, I really want options this year, the stock is trading really low.)

Anyhow, my new boss is a colleague from my group. He completed an MBA recently and has been doing half process engineering, half management in the interim. He has grown a lot as an employee since I started working and has become really pleasant to work with, so I'm hoping we can manage to build from where we are and not screw things up. (This week, he's still bribing us with chocolate...) My former boss got promoted to a higher management level, and I think these choices will be good for us.

As for the not-work stuff, I need to set some goals. Resolutions if you will.
  1. Finish my handy project around the condo
  2. Figure out long term financing for the condo
  3. Continue to work with organizer to polish my space
  4. Date! Try to date at least 4 guys (or so, until I hit it off with someone. Please send any likely candidates my way.)
  5. Continue to dance and work out whether or not I lose weight.
  6. Find a way to blow glass at least 6X this year
  7. Bake stuff (again, at least 1/month)
  8. Visit my grandmother, and call her at least every 2 weeks
  9. Keep up with my B12 shots, try to resolve lingering issues.
  10. Continue to make local friends and keep existing friends.
  11. Outside the top movie marathon, see at least 1 movie a month

I will also be getting #1 wisdom tooth pulled, leaving me with 1 remaining (#32), but that's not really a goal.

With all my "at least once a month" items, I should really start scheduling stuff in, like a regular baking night, movie night, glassblowing weekend, etc... That list isn't even full of all my wishlist items, but it was starting to get crazy long. I should also add "get back to blogging more" but can consider it a sub-task to 'keep friends'. If any of you have "visit friend in SoCal" on your to do list, I have a couch you can crash on, and no particular travel plans as yet (although still hoping for Boston in April or so.)

Share any heartfelt or unusual resolutions you've come up with this year, or tell me what you think of mine - overdoing it or just right?


farmwifetwo said...

It's the "other" year so I hope to travel again in the fall. Have an idea of where, but if it falls through can I borrow that couch?? Although the air mattress was fine too :)

1. Less time in autism-land.... doesn't mean lurking, mean's posting but I've been staying out for the most part so it's coming.

2. Less computer time in general... although when it's decent out that's fine, when it's not I get bored.

3. Exercise more... see #2. I hate winter. Luckily it's been mild for the most part this year but it continues our year of the soggy (less 5 over-hot weeks for us in July) so getting out walking isn't always that easy.

I really don't have many. Every year things go better than the one before. I do more work with the kids. I procrastinate a little less. I do need "more for me" but it's year end and.... yes, I'm procrastinating but it is started.

Your list looks like a good place to start. Health wise I went on half a "water" pill so my bp has gone under the line it kept crossing. I'm going to keep up the massage so my back doesn't go out again (will, but this helps a lot). The girl surgery didn't go perfectly last Dec but anything is better than what was so not complaining. So except for catching my kids cold (which started yesterday), my health is going "ok" too and I have no changes planned for this year.

I find a daytimer helps a lot to keep things booked in. Last fall we didn't do much but yesterday I signed one up for piano lessons (autistic one) and the other up for swimming (eldest)... so they had to be written in. Then I can cross things out as they get done and add more easily.

S said...

Good luck with the new boss, and I hope your review yesterday went well.

As for your list of goals, it seems like nearly all of them are of the "Keep doing ____" kind, rather than the "Do ____ and then cross it off the list" kind. Which type of goal gives you more satisfaction, and which type are you more likely to actually do?

For most people (and I think for you, too) it's the latter, so maybe it would help to modify some of your goals into that format if you can. For example, you've mentioned that you'd blow glass more often if you had a partner. So maybe change your glassblowing goal to "Find a glassblowing partner." Then you'll wind up doing it more often, but also have a concrete accomplishment that you can check off your list.

Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Resolutions?? We don't think Meowm, makes any! A goal for her is to start cooking her own foods, but we will see how that goes! ;)

CrankyOtter said...

I do need to get better about making concrete goals. I should revise the list more along the lines of things that can be accomplished rather than things that will interminable suck the life out of me while presumably making my life better.

1) Sleep for 2 weeks in a row on a schedule conducive to interacting with the outside world. (see timestamp to know it's not this week)

We'll see how the rest of the year shakes out, huh? Review wasn't great, but about what I expected. I really didn't get much done last year. Normally I keep a list of things our techs have helped out on, and there's a 5 month gap where I didn't have the wherewithall to even get their help, let alone get my projects done fast.

Last couple weeks have been pretty good though. B12 is highly important. My sleep quality has actually improved (tonsils out, nose roto-rootered, on sudafed pretty much all the time).

Thanks for sharing, all. FW2, good luck with the exercise. I at least have dry paths.

farmwifetwo said...

I have to be careful with vitamins. Sooner or later they upset my stomach. But you and a RL friend have both had B12 issues and my MIL had brought some over a few months ago. So, on the "had enough of the unending crappy winter" I take one.

I think it helps... may be all in my head but I'm going to keep it up.