Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lessons Learned

There are a LOT of TV crime, law, and police dramas on TV. I particularly like Bones. Even given that I'm usually rooting for the authorities to find the bad guy, here's what I've learned from watching these shows.

  • Never, ever, ever cooperate with the police prior to legal assistance. Not if you're innocent, not if you're guilty, not anything. Name, rank, serial number, get a lawyer.
  • Be careful about eating or drinking things they give you. Or touching anything, really. OTOH, if they don't give you a bathroom break, just pee in your pants, even if it does give them DNA.
  • If someone shows up at your house citing a bunch of random letters, don't let them in. In fact, don't let the police into your home; don't let them inspect your car. They get a warrant or they don't have access. Period.

I've got some philisophical musings about the level of trust in local police to the level of justice seen as it translates to vigilante justice and sermons on hellfire, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

What's your favorite cop/law/detecting show and why? I like Bones because they do a pretty good job with the science, the chemistry between the characters is excellent, it consistently holds my attention, they do good layering/mirroring in major/minor plots and character arcs, I like the writing, and I like the characters. I should probably not watch as much of it during dinner as I do, though.

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