Sunday, October 23, 2011


I've been dithering mightily about the upcoming weekend. There's a Cued Speech Intructors class I want to take as a refresher but I was making up all kinds of excuses. I finally decided, bought tickets, got friday off work, and I guess I'm going. It would have been cheaper if I'd booked everything when I'd first decided to go. Because I'd decided about 90%, and I'm not sure why the last 10% was so hard. So my halloween costume will be mostly about dressing in black and orange, I think.

Three good things from today:
Met up with friends at an OC Oktoberfest and had a good chat. I snuck in some cookies I made yesterday because I wanted a second opinion on them. They didn't work out as expected and my expectations were getting in the way of my judgement, well that and I overcooked nearly all of them. Turns out that they were ok. I may have to try them again.

Was able to make my reservations online for a reasonable price. I've learned that direct flights trump aggravating airport security for me.

Traffic was actually pretty tame today. I was able to maintain cruising speed from home to Alvarado St on the freeway headed out. Even then, it didn't slow much. Coming home, I scooted over to the coast and drove up Malibu. I didn't get a sunset due to the marine layer, but climbing over the mountains into my valley, I got to see the abrupt top of the marine layer nestling into the hills and it was really interesting. I debated stopping for a picture, but I'd just passed 5 cars and it seemed rude to stop. (They were really slow cars going uphill.)

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