Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the Mend

Well, the barfy feeling is going away.  The doc said something was going around and the only thing to do about it is wait it out.  The digestive enzymes and papaya seem to help.  While I'm still bloated on very little food, I have been able to eat and keep stuff down.

I tried going back to work today.  I lasted until lunch. I'd optimistically planned to head back for our group meeting at 1:30 then see if I could stick it out.  Since I usually get chinese food for lunch on tuesday, I went over, got a giant bowl of Wonton Soup, decided that the meeting wasn't going to happen, called my boss and went home.

A friend had given me a pile of audiobooks for christmas ("Only if you take ALL of them...") and I was nearly through the last of the three Jennifer Crusie's that were in the stacks.  I put on the second to last CD of Bet Me, laid down for a nap, and woke up 7 hours later. Heh.  I back calculated that I'd lasted roughly 8 minutes between getting home and being dead to the world.

I felt somewhat better after waking up.I ordered some Pizza, forgot to ask for thin crust, but did remember to ask for none of the vile oil they put on the edge - it has the barfy parmesan smell to it that makes it inedible.  (It turns out that I actually like the parmesan sold shredded by Trader Joe's.  It doesn't have a strong essence of bile that many other parms seem to.)  I managed to wolf down three pieces! 

Since then, I've listened to the rest of the audiobook while playing Freecell or drafting out closet and dining room cabinetry layouts.  I'm feeling better but really shaky. Like "still sick" shaky.  I may or may not attempt another half day tomorrow.  The water for my unit will be off between 10-2 (or some fraction thereof), making it not great to sleep in too late, but maybe I could go for a swim at the gym or something, then hit the steam room - normally not my favorite, but might be a good idea given my current status.

Anyhow, hope everyone else is ramping into the new year with better energy than last year.

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