Thursday, January 13, 2011

Half n Half

So I'm in that weird state of recovery where it's hard to tell how useful or useless I'll be.  I don't feel good.  But I don't feel as bad as I had been.

Yesterday and the day before, I tried working.  Tuesday, I plowed through some email, got some projects that needed prodding after the holiday prodded, then came home at noon and slept for 7 hours.  I felt better yesterday, and made it through lunch and our weekly engineering meeting, when I started to feel nasty and went home to find I had a fever.  Once home, I developed a rash.

This morning, I'm still trying to figure out how I feel.  The fever is gone, but all the sinuses in my head are moving and either draining or refilling and I can feel my patience on a really, really short tether.  Not a good state in which to go to work if I don't absolutely have to.  And so far, I don't absolutely have to.  I thought about telling my boss I'd try to come in this afternoon, but I can't see that going too well.

Now I'm left with enough energy to do *something* but don't really know what I could do without getting frustrated with it.  Then, there's the guilt that if I'm functional in any way I should be at work, so do I not do things I could do to "prove" I'm sick? Or do I just do things (errands, mostly) because they really just don't take the same level of energy, commitment, and temperament that being at work does?  I'm thinking about the second option pretty hard, but only after a shower and a nap and time for the daily meds to work.

Looking at the brightside:
  1. Unlike some friends, I don't have 17" of snow. I do love snow, but I don't like digging out of it on school days.  And when one works in manufacturing, they aren't keen on one working from home.
  2.  My sick time just reset so I actually have sick days to use.
  3. Thanks to my new wireless router and the price our company stock has been at, I can shop online in the comfort of my pajamas.  I'm so excited about the new dining room I can hardly see straight.  Or maybe that's the sick, but still.  This is really only the second year of my adult life that I've had any disposable income to speak of, and I'm finding a lot of satisfaction in using it to set my place up the way I want to live, rather than the way I have to live with what I can scrounge up for pennies.
  4. A gratuitous 4th item.  Laundry in my unit is a continued miracle.  Also for most of my adult life, I didn't have laundry at home.  I would do it at friends' homes while we watched movies together or at the laundromat, or finally, take it to the wash-dry-fold.  I can't tell you how relieved and grown up I feel being able to do laundry overnight.  I have a mostly dry load in the drier waiting for the final zhush then it can be put away.  Now to decide if it's a good time to get a front-loading washer. I'm thinking maybe yes. I can shop online and all... (If you have recommendations for/against any stackable frontloaders, let me know!)

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farmwifetwo said...

I have the big front loading washer and dryer. Got it with my inheritance when my Opa died. Mother had a fit when she found out what they cost. Hey, she's the one that said I had to spend the cash.... seems to me some of it paid a trip to Boston too :) Where it rained and rained...

LOVE THEM. Only con is remembering when I fill them full (well, overfull) to put the heavy stuff on the outside... otherwise it walks, especially since they are on the main floor not a heavy basement one.