Thursday, June 3, 2010

They Eyes Have It

And what they have is redness.

Here's me during surgery:
lasiked eyes
( I have a DVD of the process.  I haven't looked at it yet.  Still too fresh.)

Eye pictures after the jump.

Before, with the aging Kate Spades.
pre lasiked eyes

At the next day followup appointment, shortly after waking from a drug induced stupor:
lasiked eyes

Later on "Day After" eyes, a little worse than a hangover, starting to look scary
lasiked eyes
How I rig up to sleep. The inner bottom holes are in the way for reading in bed. They may have done that on purpose.
lasiked eyes wiht shields
They're looking better today
lasiked eyes

I've been doing all they eyedrops and not touching my eyes much, but today, my left eye started getting some double vision so I wonder if I mucked up my lens placement.  I'm going to add yet more drops and go to sleep and hope for the best.  i really, really, really don't want to do that surgery again.  It was not painful, but it was rather more traumatic than I'd expected.  And wearing the shields makes it hard to read in bed.

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westmacgregor said...

Wow. I just love the oh-so-attractive goggle-thingies you have to wear.

How are your eyes feeling? Besides being all itchy? Was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

how's the double vision double vision?


CrankyOtter said...

Eyes aren't too itchy. When they get itchy, eyedrops take care of it. I'd already invested in eyedrops because former contact solution really dried out my eyes. I've spent the past couple years undoing that dryness damage with rewetting drops. When my eyes get dry now, it feels like I'm wearing contacts.

There is still some double vision in my left eye. My 1 week followup showed my eyes looking normal and healthy, and the doubling makes the vision 20/25 in the left eye, with some astygmatism, but it's still possible that it will smooth out in the next month.

So far so good. My near vision is getting LOTS better. I can read fine. (whew!) It still doesn't quite feel real yet.