Monday, June 14, 2010


There are days that go well and days that go poorly. A couple weeks ago, I had a day where everything went so poorly, it was comical: everything I worked on either started or finished broken. Today, it was just minor annoyances: the delete key didn't work on my email so I had to reboot my computer. It took foreeeeever to get my data into a format in which I could analyze it. Stuff like that. It's days like this that need the three happy things the most.

  • I made it to the gym and Ozzy got me to work out for an hour. I was wearing my Badgertastic t-shirt which cracks me up.
  • My car was washed and it's all nice and shiny again.
  • I got email from several friends.  That's getting more rare as email gives way to facebook/ twitter/  blogging, so it's worth noting.

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