Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Twitter to the Rescue

Well, props to NBC for at least providing this useful twitter update tool to keep track of what's going on at the Olympics. I now know to search out video of the snowboard cross, which got a canadian gold (women's) because chances are if they bother to telvise this awesome event, they probably won't do it until after I'm in bed. (Or rather, I'd like to watch this at dinnertime, not 8 hours after the race completes along with a bunch of fluff.)


S said...

I actually really liked how they handled the women's snowboard cross coverage. Seems like they showed a whole bunch of races in a row, with very little fluff in between, and they put it on early enough that even a non-night-owl like me on the East Coast was able to see it.

My only gripe was that, for a few races, they showed the two people crossing the finish line who went on to the next round, and they showed one person who crashed off the course, and they never showed what happened to the 4th competitor. Did that person just get hopelessly far behind? Or also crash? Or get carried off by UFOs? You can't tell.

Of course, the only reason I really mind is the snowboard crashes can be pretty darn fun to watch, as long as nobody got seriously hurt. Ditto for crashes in short-track speedskating.

CrankyOtter said...

Yeah, it turns out they did do the coverage of that pretty well. Partly because they had to show the "second final" to see the best American. It wasn't insufferable! I wonder if they are just so not used to showing also-rans that they'd rather show "waiting for scores" than the later finisher. I think I've decided that I like watching short track and snowboard cross because it forces them to show more athletes. I think seeing the nearly-best doing their personal best and still not getting gold makes the medalist experience really pop. If you just watch the top three, its like "well, that was nice. Next?"