Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Damn, NBC - show me some sports!

The olympics is happening in my time zone and I have to wait for 3 hours after I get off work to get coverage? This is retarded. Show me some skiing! show me some snowboarding! Let me watch it online. I already know what's going to happen - my relatives and twitter already told me.

If I like it, I'll watch it on the big screen but this withholding information makes me hate you; it doesn't make me watch. And your rudeness and bad coverage make me turn the channel. You did catch where I watched a rerun of Castle instead of your awful coverage last night, right? It wasn't until after midnight that you really started going and I had to turn it off. Why not show that shit at 6pm instead of midnight? I just don't get this. Worst coverage ever. Epic Fail, even. Why even bother trying?

If anyone can privately send me a link for where I can get what I want, I will love you long time.

EDITed to add. Seriously, Prime time coverage just came on saying "we have a time delay on the speedskating so we'll get back to that later". Um... the delay was HOURS ago. Everyone in the entire WORLD but those of us in the same time zone in the US know what the results were, and better, saw it. All I get is leftover video of Shaun White from previous competitions. Seriously? You talk about time delays affecting tape delayed events? Show me the damn athletes already. I hate NBC more than microsoft right now and that's a little hard to do, if you've been following my MS 2007 travails.

EDIT2. 10:15pm Well, here's some snowboarding finally, about when I'm ready to check out. And the first run we see is one of the best. I want to see the best but theres no run up, it's like hitting 3rd base before the opening pitch. NBC, remember on the weekend when you showed the run-up to the best skiers as well as the best skiers? THAT gives more emotional buildup that waiting around for scores. You get this footage IN ADVANCE. Pay a professional to edit it. The wait for scores is wasted time (except maybe on the scores you already know to be surprising, maybe). Cut the time between end of run/skate and when we see the score - end it after the summary comment. Cut this crap out and string the riders/skaters/skiiers actual performances together so you can get more earlier competitors in. I'd understand if you were broadcasting live. But you're not. You're making me wait 6 hours for crap you've already broadcasted 3 or 4 times. Pile it up! Invent a new way to broadcast. Take a risk; make the story better than live. Make it enough better that we actually WANT to watch it days later when you finally get around to posting it.

Of course, I will watch the Shaun White coverage over and over, but I'd like to watch it with the lead up of all the other best of the best whom he blows out of the sky completely. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps, Shaun White - people who are so very, very good at what they do, they make it look both easy AND amazing and fun to watch even if you hate their sport. But I love watching halfpipe. Show me more (which you could do if you started broadcasting earlier). (Whew! It looked like they were shorting it but there's another run that they claim they will be showing.)

Good job on the slo-mo recap of Shaun White. Also it was good to see the skiiers just dominate a brutal downhill. Way to go Vonn and Mancuso! And Shanni Davis! And hey, look! NBC showed all three medalists in the Women's snowboard cross medal ceremony - stunner!


Junior and Orion said...

Meowm has just been catching some of this stuff online. And speaking of online...she is amazed at the stuff that they are writing much of it seems so negative. Bad costumes, Koreans blasting Ohno, Russian criticizing Lysacek....just seems like they could focus on better stuff. Or maybe you have to dig deeper for the better stuff.

CrankyOtter said...

Yeah, I don't understand their decision algorithm for what does and does not go on the air. This may drive me to invest in TiVo so I can skip unpleasantness. Here's hoping there's a little more pep in the coverage.