Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well Played

Yes, there are many issues where one would like the government to just butt out. But there are others where personal attention could mean the difference between life, death, or a really painful life. Not everyone gets a former president to step in on their behalf, but I have to say I'm very relieved with how the release of the two journalists held in N.ort.h Ko.rea went. Well played by Bill Clinton and the current administration.

The thought that keeps playing in my mind is whether or not these ladies will try to go back right away or if they have enough story to last for a while. On one hand, I've heard in innumerable documentaries how journalists got into trouble and kept going back and going back because the story needed telling and they couldn't not tell it. We tend to idealize these folks - or never hear from them again if they disappear. On the other hand, I don't know how many get-out-of-foreign-jail passes a person gets before they decide to take on stories involving less risk of life, limb, and hard labor in order to continute to make a positive contribution to society. So while thinking, "don't waste this opportunity" along with "welcome home" in their directions (roughly 30 miles out when the landed, well within range :), I'm conflicted as to whether continuing their mission, adjusting their missions, or changing their missions completely would be considered wasting the opportunity. Good thing for me, it's not the hard choice I have to make. I wish them both good luck in pursuing their happiness.

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