Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Had a good day today. Lots of things went right.

I stayed up a little late last night putting in even more work on a training presentation for our sustaining techs at work and it was worth it even though I’m a little punchy now. The audience is the first level “engineering” response group for when production goes wrong. Having more background information about how my processes work will help them make good decisions - and not need to call me. We process engineers were asked us to put together the training - since I was the only one without a crisis last week or conflicting class this week, I volunteered to go first. I think I did a pretty good job because they seemed to get the main points. Last week at lunch I got some useful advice and reminders from my friend who puts together training material at the neighboring biotech company; I'm so glad I remembered to ask for her advice. I also found some good pictures to swipe from the internet. I managed to finish up a reasonable presentation in time to get our admin to print it out while I was off taking a different training class after lunch. I’d also gotten permission to have snacks brought in on work’s dime (almost literally, my budget was $10 if I “try to make it healthy”). So with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, I felt really professional as I gave the seminar. Also, I remembered to encourage them to contribute, which probably helped them stay awake, and hopefully get a little more out of it.

While polishing the material for today, I called into the fab for help and got better help than I was expecting. After saying a cheerful thanks, I dropped a note to the tech’s boss with a quick statement about how he was helpful, then added that both techs in my area are generally cheerful and know what they’re doing. Nothing really exciting, but general acknowledgment of a job well done. I’m really pleased now that I took the class that pointed out thanking someone is a good start, but telling their boss is better. I felt good that I had something positive and, in one case specific, to say about people who are doing a good job. One of them came up to me later to say how touched they were that I thought so well of them that I’d tell their boss. Yay! Good deed done.

Both today and yesterday I got to have some nice long phone conversations with friends. As much as I interrupt when people are talking, it’s usually so I can say “I hear what you’re saying, and I want to launch off of that and take it further because you made me think of something new”. Truly, I really do listen, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. I like hearing my friends’ take(s) on things and what they’re up to.

Overdoing the template by one, I have to mention the “Chinese Foot Massage”. Turns out there aren’t 5 brand new foot massage stores in my area. There are 6. And I know why. Generally, it costs $20 to $25 + tip for a one hour massage that is pretty much a full body massage, along with a hot water foot soak. aaahhhhhhh

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Alaskan Hellcat said...

hopefully I was one o' those friends...
and I LOVED talking to you too!