Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy End of Year 2012

Having Traveled a lot this year, I'll be calming things down a bit for a while after I drive back up to San Fran to get a dog. Because I'll have a dog. And not one that will be flying coach. Bruno is some sort of large, short haired dog and probably part of the mastiff family. He's down to about 105 pounds.

You might wonder what I would do with a large dog in a small condo, but everyone (his foster families) assure me that he doesn't need much indoor space if he gets a few good walks during the week. He's about 6 or 7 so he's not a hyper puppy. In fact, his favorite things are snuggling with people who are watching TV and riding in cars. Walks are kind of a distant third.

So I'm excited to get a pre-trained dog that mostly just needs food, water, shelter, walks, a safe bed, and love. The rescue folks are so happy to have a home for him that they're driving him to CA from Seattle for me, so I only have to go so far as San Fran. Bruno is my New Year's indulgence.

My New Year's resolution is to walk a lot more!

  • I would like to blog more (yeah, yeah, you've heard that before). I'm going to aim for 1/week.

  • I'm going to try the food blogging again. While I like baking, I'm not going to restrict it to just baking; I need to be using my cook books. So at least once a month, I need to blog about a recipe I made from a cook book. If I want to do an old favorite, I'll need to double up.

  • At work, I'm going to do more up front project planning, keep the projects up to date, and my desk cleaned off.

  • Lastly, I will try to date. Maybe the dog will help with that.

Have you got any plans or indulgences for the new year?

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Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

A woofie??? We hope you really did get him! Do we get to see pictures? WE hope so!!!