Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I had some actual plans for this St. Patty's day weekend. It started with Excursion Day plans to visit a Botanical Garden somewhere here in SoCal on my mom's birthday. Mom's a Master Gardener and I thought, hey, it's usually something like 39F in the ancestral homeland this time of year, maybe she'd come visit me that weekend and see the botanical garden. She liked the idea and we made tentative plans - my parents fly standby and don't like to plan so pretty much all plans are tentative.

Firming up the plans this week, I found a St. Patty's day parade, a local community theater Gilbert & Sullivan play, a corned beef and cabbage feast (she likes it, I don't), I snagged a half day off (part of my required 5 days), checked on whale watching, got the remainder of the living room wall painted, and rescheduled the cleaners to come today.

But my mom has a superzero power: she makes hot places cold. When we went to Disneyworld on our only family trip there, it was 10 degrees warmer back in MN than it was in Florida. When we went back to Florida a while back for Thanksgiving, it was 85F when I arrived. Then next day it was 55F when mom flew in and stayed that way until she left, when it went back to 85. The first time she visited me in SoCal, it snowed in Malibu. She was allowed a rare exception to see the Rose parade in temperate weather a couple years ago, but it came back in full force this time.

For this coming weekend, my mom was supposed to be here from Thursday to Monday. It isn't supposed to get above 52F the entire time and it will likely rain all weekend. That wouldn't be so bad if MN was hanging out at its average temp. But it will be something like 75F and sunny at her home that entire time. We were finalizing plans today when she mentioned that her planned route filled up with passengers overnight making the standby situation iffy. Rather than fuss with the planes, we're tempting fate another way. We've rescheduled for after Easter.


farmwifetwo said...

Our weather forcaster said it was warmer at my house than at yours yesterday. We're somewhere around 60 to 65F this week - still not as warm as it was at this time when I was a frosh. Been a very warm winter. Finished sap collecting yesterday.

MarciaBC said...

And I thought being "Exact Change Woman" was a wonky superpower. At least your mom could audition for the X-Men.

Anonymous said...

I wish your mother had the opposite power...I'd pay her to visit and warm this place up!! Freezing in Oregon, Lorraine