Monday, August 29, 2011

Money Money Money

My brother cracks me up. In his current sales job, he has an assistant. He pretty much works all the time on weekdays. A couple weeks ago he wanted to take a day off and asked his assistant to handle everything that day. To avoid being *that boss* who starts taking off for golf and dumping the work on the assistant, he gave her a cash bonus. Then, he went insane.

He explained to me that the payoff had been delayed because the vault wasn't open at the bank. I wondered why he needed vault access - just how big was this one day bonus? Yeah, it is during one of his best quarters ever but c'mon.

Turns out he was looking for $500. In ones.
5 packs of 100 dollar bills

Then he labeled up a lunchbox.
lunch box with MONEY in marker on the side

Hrm... How to arrange?
hello Kitty lunchbox on pile of money

First arrangement is the classic flat stacks.
Two piles facing up in box

But my favorite is vertically stacked bills all in one row.
Lunchbox filled with ones stacked on edge

He says his assistant both loved and hated it - rightfully so because it is a little evil to give out 500 dollars in ones. But it's also hilarious. And the FedEx guy keeps asking if she's got her moneybox with her because he perpetually needs the change. I'm willing to bet this isn't a bonus she's ever likely to forget.

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Amy in CA said...

Your brother sounds like a hoot!!!