Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vitamin D and BKK

My energy levels have tanked recently. I seem to have enough energy to read, but not enough for much else. A friend mentioned taking vitamin D for hand weakness, which I've started to have, and I know that if I make vitamin D via tanning I feel a lot better, so I started taking some this weekend and I've had much better daytime alertness and evening tiredness, from just a couple days of taking it.

I saw a rheumatologist this morning who actually seems interested in helping me figure out what's going on. He took a really comprehensive history and asked some very good questions. Right now, he's trying to research to figure out what tests to do. in the meantime, I'm not sure how much vitamin D I should take, but we'll see.

In the meantime, I'm really hoping I'll feel better soon because I invited myself along with my friend to Thailand. If you have any advice on which airlines are better for transpacific flights, sing out. I need to book my flight to Bangkok ASAP.


farmwifetwo said...

If he gives you any ideas post them here and I'll take them to my Dr.

Part of my bp is coming down with the 1/2 water pill so I'm not so draggy. The rest is still high. But even so I seem to have less energy than normal.... SAD??? Due to this unending rain. I've had mild SAD since I was a teen.

CrankyOtter said...

People are now coming out of the woodwork to tell me about vitD and that they take a lot of it. Thanks!

Got results back from extended urology culture that the doc did at my insistence. Confirmed bacterial infection with other than the usual suspect. So going off the antibiotic they gave me to shut me up and switching to bactrim. So basically I've had a UTI for two years that went undiagnosed by three to five docs (can't remember exactly) and only after significant effort got diagnosed. Finally. Now do you know why I tend not to go to the doc?

For the record, I'd never in my adult life had a UTI until I started working somewhere with automated flush toilets that are badly timed.