Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It has happened. My twin made me a facebook page. I updated it some. I have not worked out any kinks or learned how to navigate, but it's 4am in Texas and my brother just accepted my friend request so we'll see how the pace continues.

I read about an organizational scheme for controlling privacy settings and will be trying that. (Note to brother- if you keep posting pics of you dancing wrestling drunk and they get to my page somehow, I may have to demote you in my friend hierarchy...) If you think I should alter it some, feel free to let me know, just try not to post details here. While one can link to my real name from here, I'd rather try to keep this semi-anonymous, so my deepest public thoughts take some effort google search. Because time was that 7 of the top 10 Google search results for my name actually were about me.

But I could use some advice on how to navigate Facebook to get useful, timely or otherwise ultra-super-important information in a timely manner without doing too many irritating newbie things. I still have the notion that I'll be posting here still, because I like blogging. All my life all I ever wanted was a time-date-stamped diary, and here I have one from Blogger and I want to keep it.


West/CJ said...

Oh no. You've fallen. They're getting to everyone. Zuckerberg is clearly Borg.

CrankyOtter said...

Yeah, I kept hoping it would go the way of MySpace, which is to say not everyone needed to be on it, but it seems to be where a lot of people hang and if I want to keep in touch, I gotta be on Faceborg. It's way beyond being about me at this point.

S said...

So this means I am now one step closer to being the last person not on Facebook... heh heh heh.