Monday, February 14, 2011

Collection of thoughts

I've been mostly sleeping, working, or making anagrams on my kindle. The games chew up the battery life, though, so now that I have an iPhone I should start playing games there. Plus, for a few days a month, my body chemistry changes and my fingers exude a powerful solvent. There are a few letters on the kindle keyboard that are all but wiped off at this point. I've gone so far as to download Angry Birds, but haven't started playing yet.

I have TONS of work to do on the condo. Putting together the furniture that has accumulated in flat pack boxes, as well has hanging the new TV, and installing the new closet. I tried to measure out the drill locations for the closet support rail tonight. (The rail supports the uprights so nothing sits on the floor.) turns out that my studs are not exactly 16 inches on center. Some of them are, they're just interspersed with some 6.5" and 4" studs. Wacky. The rail is in two parts though, and I can get most of the lengths lined up because of that. It will just take more doing. Then I need to mark and/or drill the holes, move all the clothes, paint the wall, THEN hang the closet and put all the clothes back.

I was going to do the closet on sunday, but it was my day of being insensate. I was able to answer a call at 11am, woke up with cramps at 1:30, took tylenol, woke to a phone call (hi mom!) at 5ish. I actually woke up at that point, had some drive thru dinner and went on a bit of a scenic the dark. But at least I got out of the condo. Then about halfway through my planned route, lethargy struck again. I made it home and floated in and out, mostly out, between 7 & 11. Due to sleeping all day, I did take some sleep aid at midnight, although it did lead to me oversleeping my 7ish alarm and waking up just before 9am. Fortunately, I made it through the day today, although it did take a hefty supply of more tylenol.

Just as I'm the last person in the world to get a smartphone, I'm also nearly last to find HyperboleAndaHalf, which actually illustrates quite well why I haven't blogged for HALF OF FEBRUARY. I mean really! As a friend once said, "February is the longest three months of the year."

And I have guests coming! I'm SO excited about guests! It's going to be great! If I get the boxes freaking opened, built, positioned, filled.... All of which makes me want to go bury my head and fall over asleep. Which I'm going to go do right now. Right after I point out that my last post was my 666th post. Maybe it was cursed.


S said...

Good luck with figuring out how to mount the rails on the random studs. I don't suppose you could use heavy-duty molly bolts or toggle bolts if you absolutely need to mount something where there's no stud?

On the plus side, at least all your studs are wood....

MarciaBC said...

Just to reassure you, no, you aren't the last person in the world to get a smart phone. We're still holding to our Luddite hobby, and don't even have a cell phone. I like it that people can't reach me. I'm practicing to be a curmudgeon. [Kids! Get off my lawn!]

CrankyOtter said...

I'm kind of a luddite with respect to electronics, but it turns out less so when I can blow a couple hundred dollars and not feel the repercussions for weeks on end knowing that if I make a bad decision I can't afford to re-do it.

Yeah, I'm counting on all wood studs... The top rail is in 2 pieces and if I leave a 3 inch gap the pre-drilled holes spaced every 8 inches should match up for most of the studs of each section. I've got the laser level mounted like a giant scarab on the wall right now but need another hand to hold the fool things level enough that I can mark the holes for drilling. Then I need to drill, then paint, then hang the supports, then build the closet. Yikes. Best not to think too hard, but the sooner the bug level is off the wall the better! At least now I can see it in focus in the middle of the night when I wake up.