Friday, May 14, 2010

Work Vacation

Not a busman's holiday, but I'm headed to Portland for a conference, which means it's different than my usual days, so it feels like a holiday, but I'm going to have to be "on" quite a lot, and smile. My presentation will be Wednesday afternoon. The presentation is on rev 7, and I've done a dry run, so I'm feeling pretty settled about it.

I haven't seen Ironman2 yet. Maybe if I need to escape on monday night...

I've just thrown money at a gold's gym trainer because I'm getting shockingly fat and that needs to stop.

Taking the plunge, I'm getting Lasik at the end of the month.
I'm going with Dr. Berg because they repeated the measurements until they were stable and can do all laser lasik and custom contoured surfaces.

Of course, the other docs I looked at do that too, but cost $800-$1300 more, not that this guy is cheap. All the docs I looked a have done tens of thousands of eyes. Runners up are Dougherty who does a lot of trial treatments and talks about eye surgery like a kid in a candy store and Assil who's on Rodeo drive and does a lot of really famous people.

I'm taking off tomorrow so I can hang a bit with my friends from Long Beach who reproduced then went off to the wilds of Oregon. If they didn't give me some decoy address...


S said...

Good luck with your presentation next week! Will you get to do a couple more dry runs in front of an actual audience? I find that if I do about 3 dry runs in front of live people (and unfortunately for my family, non-scientists who don't understand the subject matter still count) then the real thing is a lot less nerve-wracking.

And you're finally going for the Lasik; good luck with that too. Glad you've found a doc you're comfortable with.

Junior and Orion said...

Sounds like lots of happenings with you! Have fun and good luck!